Movies Running in Pondicherry

Theatre Movies Running Now
Balaji Theatre
Kamaraj Salai
Big Cinemas Jeeva
Kamaraj Salai
Under Renovation
Big Cinemas Rukmani
Kamaraj Salai
Under Renovation
Murugaa Theatre
Kamaraj Salai
Raja Theatre
Puriyaatha Puthir
Ratnaa Theatre
Anna Salai
Kurangu Bommai
Sathyam Cinemas (5 Screens)
Cuddalore Road
Coming Soon
Movies Running Around Pondicherry
Ashok Theatre
Puriyaatha Puthir
Central Theatre
Puriyaatha Puthir
Jaya Theatre
Kurangu Bommai
Saraswathi Theatre
Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2
Sri Venkateshwara Theatre
Puriyaatha Puthir
Sudha Theatre
Puriyaatha Puthir

About Pondicherry:

Pondicherry is most beautiful city located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. In 2006, Pondicherry was renamed to Puducherry and the local call this city is “Pondy”.  Thanks to its French canonical past, Pondicherry has its own culture, tradition and architectural magnificence.  This city is loaded with all modern amenities like hotels, entertainment halls, tourist attractions, spiritual attractions and much more. Being most popular destination in south India, this city is visited by millions of travelers all over the world to spend their vacation in most peacefully land.

When comes to entertainment, Pondicherry will be the ultimate choice. You can enjoy various entertainment and fun activities in and around the city. Check out movies running in Pondicherry and popular theaters in Pondicherry.

Theaters in Pondicherry:

  • Raja Theatre
  • Balaji Theatre
  • Muruga Theatre
  • Big Cinemas/ Adlabs, Jeeva Rukmani
  • Rathnaa theatre
  • Ashok Theatre
  • Central Theatre
  • Jaya Theatre
  • Saraswathi Theatre
  • Sri Venkateshwara Theatre
  • Sudha Theatre
  • Vasanthaaja Theatre

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